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A Brief Winter Interlude — 9 Comments

  1. As usual, your commentary is so witty and insightful. The Essenhaus is absolutely beautiful, maybe we’ll visit some day. Looking forward to more from the two of you.

  2. I can’t believe y’all left one snow storm only to get into another. While y’all were in Middlebury did you check out the RV museum??? We enjoyed that. Rv’ing has come a long way. Scotty is always looking to upgrade our coach however I’m just fine with what we have. The 7 yr trade was interesting. Maybe in 4 yrs I’ll reconsider trading. It will depend on our status at that time. We’re loving full time. Nice not to have a house to worry about. Keep us posted on what you find. Safe travels, Leta

    • Hi!
      We met at Camping world in Flagstaff/Belmont. Trying to find your contact information you gave us….hope this works…
      Celia and Jesse
      Rueben and Dakota
      Allegro Bus

      • Hi Celia and Jesse! Thanks for commenting, but unfortunately we have not been to Flagstaff (AZ?) in our coach and the last time we were in that area was at least 15 years ago. Furthest west we have been in the coach is Alabama (so far), hopefully soon to change! Will look forward to meeting you someday! Rob

  3. Great writeup! Sounds like a good trip especially under the storm circumstances. That was the most severe storm we’ve seen this year in the Midwest – good timing. Great info on Essenhouse – will check out someday.

  4. Wow! after looking at nearly 10 different coaches I’d be at a loss on comparing them. I’m sure the trip was fascinating for both of you; even with the snow storms. Wishing you safe travels back home. Your blog was well-done and the pictures enjoyable.

  5. If you come back to Elkhart, all summer long there is a quilt garden tour with about 20 large gardens each planted with thousands of flowers in colorful quilt patterns. There are free maps to follow the quilt garden trail, and I think tours are available. The site amishcountry.org has lots of information.

  6. Hello, we are axactly in the same situation right now – we are looking to upgrade our Berkshire and looking at Newmar and Entegra. Could you please point me to the post where you describe what have you learned on Newmar and Entegra factories? Thank you.

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