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2013 Entegra Aspire Fisher-Paykel Dishwasher Installation — 4 Comments

  1. interesting article. We have a 2017 Entegra Aspire, with a dishwasher we’ve never used. I’m thinking about pulling it out. (anyone with a ’17 Aspire in cherry that would trade cabinet doors and guts for a dishwasher?)

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  2. not sure what happened there….

    I gotta wonder about your math. We’ve never used dishwashers, it takes days to make enough dirty dishes to fill it. In that time everything dries on and has to be chipped off anyway. Or you rinse the dishes first, but that uses as much water as washing them.

    There is no way 2 plates full of egg yoke could sit in a dishwasher for 12 hours and still get clean.

    • Hi Jim, thanks for the comments.

      Suggest you post your request for swapping your dishwasher for the cabinet parts on the Entegra forum at IRV2 and/or the Entegra owners facebook page.

      The dishwasher/no-dishwasher is a hotly debated topic that boils down to personal preference. For us we wouldn’t be without one and use it daily. The math is correct in terms of water consumption being much less for a dishwasher, especially the Fisher-Paykel on the Normal-Eco or Fast-Eco cycles (2 gallons). At the sink you will send at least a quart and up to a half gallon of water down the drain just waiting for it to get hot, and it goes downhill from there – there are several sources that will verify this, search on something like “dishwasher vs hand washing water consumption”. As for dirty plates, the Fisher-Paykel does an amazing job of scrubbing. We don’t pre-rinse and our plates always come out clean as a whistle. For heavy soil we just wipe the plate with a paper towel before loading. As for egg yolk all over the plates, why is that? Guess we have different methods for consuming eggs! 🙂

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