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Relaxin’ at Riverbend — 5 Comments

  1. Your landscaping looks great, we will look forward to seeing it ! Heading back to Fl. Tommorrow. It was incredibly warm while we were here in NH. Hope you had great holidays and have a good New Year ! Let us know if you make it over to the East coast!

  2. Nice choices for the landscaping. What a difference.
    Also loved the ‘alligator launching’!
    I’m going to show Mark, the owner at Bianca’s, your restaurant review.
    Safe travels and let us know when you return.

  3. Your botanical garden is a beauty. Isaiah did a fabulous job. The bale of turtles was a great shot. I’m into turtles since we visited the Sea Turtle Hospital in the Keys and Turtle Farm in Jamaica. Looking forward to seeing you in Alabama.

    • Hi Joan, now that we are north of Riverbend, we’re missing our tropical paradise. Hopefully Riverbend isn’t experiencing any cold temps like we are having in northern Florida. Hate to think of our new plants and trees shivering in the cold. Don’t blame you for loving turtles – they are pretty cool creatures!

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