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My recollection of the events from the evening of December 24, 2016 from our campsite at Bentsen Palms in Mission, Texas.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the coach,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a roach;
The stockings were hung by the roof vents with care,
In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there;
The kitties were nestled all snug in our bed,
While fields full of catnip pranced thru their heads;
Strange to be wearing, shorts and T-shirts we knew,
But the weather’s so warm, what else could we do?
Dinner all done, cleaned up in a snap,
We had just settled down, for a frosty nightcap;
When out on the pad there arose such a clatter,
We jumped out of our socks, what could be the matter?
Away to the escape hatch, I flew in a flash,
Tripped over the cat tree, and fell with a crash;
By now it was louder, the sound was more clear,
A Christmas Eve miracle, or something to fear?
Through the front window, some things could be seen,
A bright beam of white light, two more red and green;
I ran to the door, and jumped to the ground,
Heart pounding with excitement, this must be profound!
Then it hit me, my brain made a match,
It was just the border patrol, pursuing a catch;
And as the chopper flew off, to points further west,
I was quickly reminded, these guys are the best;
No wall will be needed, they can be found everywhere,
This place is just awesome, and there is nothing to fear;
Beautiful flora, and fine birds you will meet,
While Javalina forage, and Chachalakka squawk at your feet;
The desert here is special, both its sights and its sound,
Plenty of trees dot the landscape, but not an Oak to be found;
As the silence descended, with stars shining bright,
The Ebony and Mesquite shimmered, like ghosts in the night;
But wait! What was that, a fiery streak through the air!
A shooting star I thought, but also something to hear!
The wind carried this sound, I swear I am right,
It said Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



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