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Quantum Leap Haulout 2010 – click image to see photo album

Quantum leap hauled today, the 2nd of 17 boats. Looks a bit lonely sitting there with her only friend Windswept.  Most of the winterizing of the mechanicals was done prior to hauling, today we removed the enclosure and made all other winter preparations. This included scraping the growth off all the running gear – I had called a diver to do this pre-haul but he never showed up. The shrink wrapping is scheduled and will be completed in a few days.

In regard to the hauling operation itself, today RI boat movers had Brownell helping them. Brownell’s powder blue trailer is about 10′ shorter than the RI Boat Mover’s trailer, has only 4 hydraulic pads (vs. 6) and was suspiciously adorned with rusty patches and duct tape.

Unfortunately we got the Brownell rig. Took them 3 tries to get us situated properly on the trailer and even then they managed to put a pad partially under the port side mid ship strut. As the boat was coming out of the drink a load crackling sound could be heard – yikes!  Fortunately(?) it turned out this was just QL sinking into the pine(?) keel block they had rigged to keep the boat high enough on the trailer. While sitting on the power washing pad they had to temporarily jack her up and add more substantial blocking.

The mid ship struts on QL are very low profile and quite strong-we could not detect any damage, but you can be sure we will do our best to avoid the powder blue, rusty, duct taped trailer in the future!


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