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IMAG2055.jpgSo after we left Ho Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, we retraced our route back to Stephen Foster Culture Center in White Springs, FL (about a 2 1/2 hour drive) where we stayed in January. This would be a quick stop off on our way back to the Fort Myers area. Since we’ve been here before, I’ll skip all the yada, yada, yada, and blah, blah, blah about the campground (except to say, mainly so we’ll remember, that for this visit we were on back-in site #39). If you are interested, you can read our detailed campground review.

IMAG2030.jpgWe planned to be here for only two nights (all that was available) and during that brief stay we didn’t do much, just the usual walking, relaxing and geocaching within the park (another four IMAG1067.jpgfound – woo hoo). Due to recent rain, the back trails were a little wet on our first day but fortunately it was dry enough on our second day so we did hike one of the trails from the campground to the pavilion on the Suwannee River. The river wasn’t quite as high as it was in January but it was still at 63′ – the sign indicated that at this level there was a swift current, the river level might be up to the tree line so inexperienced paddlers might want to reconsider their trip. Interesting but since we’re not paddlers, it didn’t really matter to us!

And even though we had seen IMAG2026.jpgit all before we did take another stroll through both museums. Nothing had changed!

After our brief stay there, our journey continued. On March 20th, we left Stephen Foster and headed for IMAG2066.jpganother familiar place, Williston Crossing (see our detailed review here) for a brief, three night stay. Not much to report about our stay here, more walks, more blogging and more mentally challenging income tax drudgery (UGH).

On Saturday night they were having a free “Until We Meet Again” party hosted by the owners to say goodbye to all the snowbirds. We initially thought we would go, but we had gone to Gainesville earlier in the day IMAG2069.jpg(lots of traffic) to go to Sam’s Club, had another good lunch at Gator Suyaki and by the time we got back, we didn’t feel much like partying.

IMAG1094.jpgSometimes when you pay a second or third visit to a restaurant, your second impression might be less favorable than the first. Not so with Gator Suyaki, we enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

Being a Saturday it was much more crowded. I think we were the IMAG2075.jpgonly non-Asian, non chopstick yielding people there! We talked about trying something from their regular menu but it was so extensive with so many choices it just seemed like way to much IMAG1093.jpgwork figuring out what we wanted. So instead we stuck to the Lunch Combo menu – we both ordered a cup of Hot Sour Soup (really good) followed by Kung Pao Chicken for Rob and General Tso’s Chicken for me. Not sure why I ordered that since I’m not a big fan of it in general. Guess I just wanted to try something different plus I’m partial to the Szechuan dishes and the lunch offerings were limited. It was very good but I think I would have enjoyed having the Kung Pao Chicken again much more. More leftovers!

IMAG2031.jpgSince I am fascinated by butterflies, I wanted to check out the Butterfly Rainforest at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History but unfortunately we never made it there. Next time!

On Monday, March 23rd, we left Williston Crossings, headed for our next destination. More about this new experience in our next post.



Our Next Few Stops — 2 Comments

  1. The snow is almost gone and the boat is being launched on Saturday! Don’t be afraid to head back up North.

    BTW, we were at Quidnessett for a URI athletic hall of fame induction for one of my teammates. (Please note: he wasn’t any better than me but he continued to raise money for the expansion of the football stadium and team).

    The reason I tell you about the trip is that on the way home, we passed Ritrovo in E. Greenwich, RI !

    Take care and keep us in the loop,
    Pam and Byron

    • Hi Byron & Pam! Even though the snow is gone, we most likely won’t be back in RI until mid May. Ah, Ritrovo’s, will be looking forward to going there when we get back. Sure hope we’ll be able to get together this summer.

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