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IMAG1003.jpg IMAG1335.jpg Saturday turned out to be a nice day here on Lake Seminole. The wind shifted to the north and died down considerably and the sun came out mid afternoon. It was still a little cool but nevertheless a very pleasant place to be.

A large flock of white pelicans landed on the lake nearby as well as an even larger flock of cormorants. What was interesting to us is the pelicans and cormorants seemed to be fishing together – they would all move in unison. Also the pelicans seemed to be catching fish without dive bombing, they seemed to be just scooping them from the surface (sorry no photos).

IMAG1328.jpg IMAG1329.jpg In addition, the ever present coots feeding on the weeds just off shore of our site decided that there were better pickins up on the grass and were roaming around our site like a flock of chickens pecking at the vegetation – they look kind of comical on land with their big webbed feet. So I was wondering, are baby coots know as cooties? And how do you tell an old coot from a “regular” coot? They all looked the same to me.

IMAG1333.jpg IMAG1007.jpg We wished we had picked up some wood as the conditions were perfect for a campfire. Each site at this campground comes with it’s own firepit complete with grilling grate. Sunday we’ll be heading west out to Topsail Hill Campground in Santa Rosa Beach near Destin.


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  1. Hi kitties. Enjoy the time in the sun. Yes, a fire would be great. We’re in Tyler, TX for a couple days. BBQ restaurants galore. Jim is smiling.

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