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Those of you who live in FL and watch any amount of television know firsthand the incredible amount of advertising dollars that were spent on the recent campaign. We haven’t been watching much TV at all here, but when we did have it on the campaign ads were just absolutely incessant – especially Romney. Seems like advertising would be a very good business to be in over the next several months.

funny-lawyer.jpg Well all that’s finally over now and we can go back to the near equally incessant ads from shark lawyers trying to get you to sue somebody for some grievous wrong that was done to you (but that you may not even be aware of). The frequency of these ads is significantly more than we are used to up north. Perhaps this is part of the reason.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to watch broadcast or any advertiser supported TV in FL and maintain your resistance to brainwashing, you must own a DVR so you can time shift and skip over all the crap. Luckily we brought our TiVo with us so most of the time we are able to do just that. Although you never know, it’s possible we have been subliminally affected, so be nice to us…


Newt, Mitt, the Sharks & why you need a DVR in FL — 2 Comments

  1. Good advice! Yeah it’s great how they target the at-home-during-the-day crowd too. One firm hired out William Shatner to do ads for them. Talk about self-deprecating for the lawyers and Captain Kirk!

  2. Speaking from the vantage point of wisdom that only age can bring, LISTEN, then ANALYZE! Don’t take it TOO lightly. You don’t always see both sides–untill, sometime, it’s too late

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