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IMAG2329.jpg On Wednesday, April 11th, we reluctantly left Seven Points.  As mentioned in the previous post we would have stayed longer but we wanted a sewer hookup so we could do laundry and take long showers! Funny how much you miss long showers when you can’t have them!

We had made reservations at the Nashville Country RV Resort in Goodlettsville which is located north of IMAG2330.jpg Nashville, about 30 miles away.  Once we left the residential side roads behind after departing Seven Points, it was a relatively easy drive on I-40, to TN-155 (Briley Parkway) and I-65.  Taking exit 98 off of Interstate 65, it was then just a short drive up US 31W to the park. The park is only about 13 miles from downtown Nashville.

In the office, we were greeted by friendly, helpful staff who provided us with a map of Nashville and told us that if we wanted to take a Discover Nashville tour either in the morning or afternoon, a shuttle bus would pick us up (these tours were pretty pricey so we passed).  After checking in at the office, we made our way to our assigned site, #24 which was a “premium”, pull through at a discounted rate of $35.55/night.

The park has about 95 gravel sites with full hookups (premium have 50 IMAG2649.jpg amps, standard have 30 amp) with free cable and wireless, a few small cabins, propane, a pool (which wasn’t filled yet), a pet park, and a picnic pavilion.  The interior “roads” were paved but a little narrow and twisty.

Sites were fairly close together but not too bad and each site had a wooden “pad” IMAG2651.jpg with a rickety looking wooden picnic table.  Being so close to Interstate 65, there was also a lot of traffic noise which might be annoying if you wanted to sit IMAG2331.jpg outside.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) a cold spell had hit the area so temps during the day were barely in the low 60’s and night temps were in the 40’s, not conducive to sitting outside or leaving the windows open.  In fact one night while we were there they had a frost warning.  BRRRR, welcome back to reality!

At the previous campground, Seven Points, our site was so private and secure, we were able to let Sparky and Chooey roam freely outside (with supervision of course). Gizmo is not allowed out at all due to his A.D.D. and general lack of grey matter. So, upon arrival here at Nashville Country, Sparky decided he would just go charging outside apparently thinking we were still at Seven Points – boy was he surprised! Noise from the highway and many more scary things here for a foot tall kitty. He fairly quickly retreated back up the steps and so far hasn’t repeated the escape attempt.

On Thursday night they had some type of supper at the picnic pavilion nearby with live music.  We didn’t participate because we weren’t sure if you had to sign up ahead of time.  Not many people attended, probably because it was too cold to be outside.  The lone singer was pretty good but he didn’t have very much of an audience. It started at 6:00 p.m. and by 7:30 p.m., everyone was gone and everything was cleaned up!

This park has won all sorts of awards (2011-2012 TN Park of the Year Award, 2011-2012 National Park of the Year and Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce Beautification Award) but I’m really not quite sure why. Maybe they have made a lot of improvements to the park. It was okay, clean and for the most part appeared well maintained, but maybe after our recent run of Army Corps of Engineering campgrounds in Demopolis (Foscue Creek), Double Springs (Corinth) and Hermitage (Seven Points), we had been spoiled by the large, wooded sites with lots of privacy and nature.

Would we stay here again? If we were passing through the area, this place is convenient to the interstate and would be fine for an overnight stop but I don’t think we would stay here for any length of time. We were only there for two nights which was enough.

In regard to services, voltage was good with 123 on both legs of the 50A. Water pressure was adequate and the sewer hookup was well placed (although the sewer cap fitting on our site was not glued to the riser pipe and looked like it wanted to pop off while emptying the tanks).

OTA TV reception was fair with only 2 or 3 out of the 4 of the major networks. The cable was OK but some of the channels were snowy. For internet, Verizon 3G was good and Sprint 3G was good. They also had WiFi on site which was OK in the morning but swamped and slow during the evening and other peak usage hours. A separate access code was required for each device and the front desk provided us the two we requested. We ended up mostly using our unlimited Sprint service which performed better, even streaming a TV show we had previously missed.

We were going to top off the propane tank here but decided to wait because it would have involved some maneuvering – our propane tank fill is on the passenger side which was not convenient either at arrival, or at departure, due to the road layout. Propane was about $3.50/gal and there was no minimum.



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