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NE Patriots.jpg It happened again! I’ve said several times over the past few weeks, I hope that the Superbowl isn’t an instant replay of what happened in the game against the Giants in 2007.  Going into it, we figured it would be anybody’s game but we sure we’re hoping the “anybody” would be the Pats! But I guess it wasn’t meant to be! Bummer! Oh, well, there’s always next year – it is just a game after all!

To be honest, it wasn’t a nail biter for us at least in the final few minutes.  Actually that’s not true, it was a nail biter but for all the wrong reasons…..we had recorded the game on our TiVo DVR and were about 10 minutes behind the live game.  Well, in the 4th quarter with only about 5 minutes left to go, our very temperamental TiVo decided that it was tired and it should reboot itself.  GRRRR! Now instead of screaming at the Pats, I was screaming at the TiVo (and at Rob)! It had done this several times over the past few days but we thought that Rob had fixed it by tightening up some of the connections.  Rebooting is somewhat painful as it requires about 5 minutes to come back to life. Rob quickly switched it over to live TV using the antenna but by then the game was over and the victorious Giants were being interviewed. So we missed the Giant’s final touchdown and Brady’s “Hail Mary” pass in the final seconds.  Maybe that was a good thing….now we just have the pain of watching it over and over again for the next few days! Sigh…..


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  1. Yeah it was a tough last few minutes. Sorry to hear about the TiVo, there were some diminished glimmers of hope in the last 57 seconds or so. So when do the Sox start spring training – don’t they train in Ft Myers now?

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