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NE Patriots.jpg So what do you do when the AFC and NFC championship games are being played while you are at Disney? You tell the mouse that he just has to wait – that’s what you do! After all, there are priorities!

It was one of those days when we wished we hadn’t removed the TV that was in the outside compartment of the motor home.  It would have been nice (at least for us, maybe not so much for our neighbors) if we could have sat outside and watched the games. But instead we sat inside glued to the TV but at least we had the windows open so we did get some fresh air and we did go bike riding before the games began. It wasn’t a total loss of a day!

What a nail biter! It sure wasn’t Brady’s best day (he even said that he sucked!) but at least the rest of the team made up for it. And special thanks to the Raven’s kicker, Billy Cundiff, who missed the field goal in the last 11 seconds of the game and saved us from the stress of going into overtime!  How lucky was that? Can you imagine what he must be feeling? We felt sorry for him but rest assured after a minute or two we were so over it. I bet he’ll have nightmares about that kick for many years to come.

Then it was onto the New York Giants versus San Francisco 49er’s- we were hoping that the 49er’s would pull it off but in OT, they lost the game by 3 points in another nail biter!   Bummer, we have to look forward to a replay of the 2007 Superbowl all over again when the Patriots who had been undefeated the entire season, lost to the Giants due to a throw by Eli Manning that resulted in a last minute touchdown! Maybe the Pats will want revenge for that defeat! Let’s hope we have a better outcome this year!

Woo Hoo! We’re the AFC champs and we’re going to the Superbowl!

GO PATS!!!!!!


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