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IMAG1999.jpgOnce we were done taking care of DMV business, it was time to explore St. Augustine – again.  As mentioned previously, we’ve been to St. A before, once by ourselves in 2005, once with Rob’s parents on a trip to Disney in 2006 and once with Rob’s aunt and uncle who also have an RV.

On a previous trip (before we were blogging) we took the tram tour around old town St. Augustine which was very informative and something you need to do at least once when you visit here. This Thanksgiving day was nice, although chilly, and we decided we should just walk around and go at our own pace. We though perhaps everyone would be at home with family and/or cooking so it might not be all that busy (WRONG). Even the tour trams were full!

Since we had been out to dinner the night before, we planned on having Thanksgiving dinner on board.  This year has been a year of major changes for us and it was the first time ever that both of us have not been with at least part of our family during the holidays.  It seemed strange to be by ourselves, but a few phone calls and emails with family members made us feel less lonely being away.

Neither one of us is totally crazy about turkey plus I didn’t want a lot of leftovers, so before we left Brunswick and Blythe, we picked up a mini-ham (about 3 pounds) at Honey Baked Ham. Easy peasy! All I would have to do was to make something to go with it – potatoes au gratin and Brussels sprouts were quickly added to the menu.   Before we left to go exploring, I had everything ready so when we got back it would just be a IMAG1984.jpgmatter of throwing it in the oven.

Anyway, we headed to the downtown area where we found to our surprise that quite a few of the restaurants and shops were open. It was a little chilly so after a couple hours we had our fill and headed back to the ranch where we had our lovely dinner and watched the Ravens beat the Steelers (the Pats weren’t playing that day).

IMAG3324.jpgOn Friday, November 29th, since we needed to go to Petco for more kitty litter, we decided to have breakfast at Mary’s Harborview Restaurant near old town – we IMAG2036.jpghad eaten there before on our last trip and remembered that the food was decent and the prices not too bad.

We parked in the Castillo de San Marcos parking lot and walked to the restaurant.  Oh, oh, there was a crowd outside. It’s a very small place, maybe 20 tables at best and when I asked how long a wait there would be I was told they had a party of 11 and a party of 9 already waiting.  Time for a different plan.  After checking Google Maps, we decided to walk about .7 of a mile to Georgie’s Diner.  Nice day for a walk, warmer than it had IMAG3322.jpgbeen for the past few days.  Also nice walking through some of the residential streets, away from all the touristy areas.  Finally we arrived at Georgie’s which turned out to be excellent.

Along the way we passed a $5 All Day Self Service parking lot at the corner of Seville and Valencia. This appears to be a private lot and is a great deal if your visit will be more than 3 hours – the public parking scattered around town is currently $1.50/hour. This lot is about a 10 minute walk west of the waterfront and is just on the edge of the primary old town attractions. Cash only.

After breakfast we hiked back to town and walked some more.  With all of the shops open, it was quite busy. We debated going IMAG3325.jpginside the Castillo but it was crowded and we had been there several times before so we left, heading for Petco – on Black Friday no less!  Going near any type of mall or shopping plaza the day after Thanksgiving was IMAG3364.jpgprobably not the brightest plan of action. We’re not into Black Friday mania unless its online and involves no crowds.

Petco was located in a plaza but in a less crowded section and to our amazement we easily found a parking space.  The St. Augustine Outlet stores are located close to the campground so we did run into a little congestion on our way back to the ranch.  The remainder of the day was quiet.

The weather was lousy on Saturday so we spent another quiet day on board, getting ready to depart on Sunday.

More photos (note these were taken on different days)

IMAG1981.jpg IMAG1982.jpg IMAG1984.jpg IMAG1988.jpg IMAG3246.jpg IMAG3251.jpg IMAG1991.jpg IMAG1992.jpg IMAG1993.jpg IMAG1994.jpg IMAG1995.jpg IMAG3254.jpg IMAG1997.jpg IMAG1998.jpg IMAG1999.jpg IMAG3257.jpg IMAG3259.jpg IMAG3260.jpg IMAG2001.jpg IMAG2003.jpg IMAG3264.jpg IMAG3266.jpg IMAG3267.jpg IMAG3269.jpg IMAG3271.jpg IMAG3281.jpg IMAG3286.jpg IMAG3287.jpg IMAG3288.jpg IMAG2004.jpg IMAG3291.jpg IMAG2008.jpg IMAG3290.jpg  IMAG3292.jpgIMAG3289.jpg IMAG3293.jpg IMAG3294.jpg IMAG3295.jpg IMAG2013.jpg IMAG2014.jpg IMAG3297.jpg IMAG3298.jpg IMAG3299.jpg IMAG3300.jpg IMAG3301.jpg IMAG2016.jpg IMAG2017.jpg IMAG3303.jpg IMAG2019.jpg IMAG3307.jpg IMAG3308.jpg IMAG2022.jpg IMAG3312.jpg IMAG3313.jpg IMAG3314.jpgIMAG3315.jpg IMAG2029.jpg  IMAG2031.jpg




IMAG2035.jpg IMAG3319.jpg IMAG3318.jpg IMAG3325.jpg IMAG3326.jpg IMAG3328.jpg IMAG3329.jpg IMAG3330.jpg IMAG2037.jpg IMAG3331.jpg IMAG3332.jpg IMAG2038.jpg IMAG2039.jpg IMAG3338.jpg IMAG3340.jpg IMAG3342.jpg IMAG2042.jpg IMAG2043.jpg IMAG3343.jpg IMAG3344.jpg IMAG3345.jpg IMAG3346.jpg IMAG3348.jpg IMAG3349.jpg IMAG3350.jpg IMAG3351.jpg IMAG2044.jpg IMAG3352.jpg IMAG2045.jpg IMAG3353.jpg IMAG2046.jpg IMAG3355.jpg IMAG3356.jpg IMAG2047.jpg IMAG2048.jpg IMAG3357.jpg IMAG2049.jpg IMAG3358.jpg IMAG3361.jpg IMAG3362.jpg IMAG3363.jpg IMAG3364.jpg IMAG3366.jpg IMAG3367.jpg IMAG3368.jpg IMAG3369.jpg IMAG3370.jpg IMAG2050.jpg IMAG3371.jpg IMAG3372.jpg IMAG3373.jpg IMAG3374.jpg IMAG3375.jpg IMAG3376.jpg IMAG3378.jpg IMAG3380.jpg IMAG3382.jpg IMAG3384.jpg IMAG2052.jpg IMAG3385.jpg IMAG3387.jpg IMAG2061.jpg IMAG2065.jpg



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  1. SO GLAD YOU INTRODUCED US TO THE RAINTREE RESTAURANT. WE LOVE I. Not sure if we will stay 2 days in St. A. Can’t wait to leave RI.

    Linda and Herb

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