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Meadowbrook Trading Logo v1_curved.jpg We’ve been working to achieve eBay Top Rated Seller status all year and we finally made the grade yesterday along with Bronze level PowerSeller.

This gives us a discounts on final value fees and other privileges. It also boosts our position in the search results and certifies our integrity to potential buyers. Achieving this level is based on surpassing minimums in dollar value of items sold and quantities of items sold, as well as maintaining a high level of positive feedback and detailed ratings (DSR’s) by buyers.

Ironically, we are now slowing down our eBay activities in preparation for our journey south, so very well may loose our rating before we can wind things up again next May!

It is usually not practical to maintain an inventory while traveling (LED’s may be an exception), however, there are some potential drop-ship opportunities that we may explore this year.

You can visit our eBay store here, although there isn’t much going on there at the moment!


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