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IMAG0064.jpg Today (Sunday) I worked on one of my customer projects – a large solar panel installation on a boat in East Greenwich harbor in RI. The first part of the day was beautiful, mostly sunny but with a strong northerly.

IMAG0001.jpg I spent about 3 hours on the customers boat. This boat is in the EGYC mooring field and I get back and forth via our 11′ inflatable tender (it’s a short commute!).

As I was cleaning up for the day it started raining, I managed to get back to Quantum Leap without getting too wet. IMAG0003.jpgIt was a good excuse to power the dink up out of the hole and plane back (go faster) and luckily the harbor master wasn’t around to challenge my excuse for violating the harbor speed limit.

Got back to Quantum Leap and Linda helped me unload the tool bags, etc. About 30 minutes later the skies opened up. The rain was so heavy the noise on our hardtop required us to shout at each other to have a conversation.

For those of you not familiar with Quantum Leap, her bridge deck is covered by a hardtop and enclosed with a Stamoid/Strataglass enclosure, so we are kept warm and dry in all but the most extreme conditions.

Check out this short video:


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  1. The video was amazing. Very well done. I felt like I was sitting right next to Linda. Your hardtop and Stamoids/Strataglass were a life saver.

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