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Had some significant rain recently and no leaking or moisture could be detected around the re-installed drivers window. I did also add some caulking up on the roof to a small but potentially suspicious looking area. Either way right now it’s looking like we got this one fixed.

Now on to the passenger slide-out which leaks sometimes when it is fully extended and the coach has a port list (canted to the left for you landlubbers). I think I know where this one is too, although it will be tough to get at. The caulking will have to be done with the slide retracted and by reaching over the top millwork and [blindly] laying a bead down between the horizontal “roof” of the slide out and the vertical interior flange. I can see a gap there near the forward end so I suspect that’s how the water is creeping in behind the wood trim. The silicone caulk will need to be applied by finger one “blob” at a time except on the forward end where I can probably reach in three or four feet with the caulking gun.


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