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Just a few small branches came down like this one at the rear of the coach. Whew, for us, Sandy didn’t seem all that bad.  The wind was howling all day (and night) probably with a sustained speed of 30-45 mph with gusts near 60 mph and a few periods of torrential rains.

We were nervous all day watching the tops of the 90′ pine trees swaying in the wind but luckily they all remained standing (see the video below).  A few small branches fell but that was it.  And amazingly we never lost power.  I say amazingly because we have lost power during storms that have been a lot less powerful and were out for 5 days after Irene.  Go figure!  Must be because Rob had preemptively set up the generator.

We’re still under a high wind watch today although right now all is quiet and the sun is actually poking through the cloud cover.

We haven’t been down to RI to see how the boat fared but the yacht club reported no serious damage. The streets flooded but the water level stopped just short of flooding the clubhouse. One sailboat on the hard was knocked off its stands and fell into another boat but luckily there was no “domino effect” and minimal damage was sustained. We have not heard otherwise so assume Quantum Leap fared just fine.

After seeing all of the devastation in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from the flooding and the subsequent fires, we are thanking our lucky stars that we did not experience a direct hit from Sandy here.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people in the East who have been impacted.  Hurricane season doesn’t officially end until November 30th, let’s hope that all the forces that came together to produce Sandy never come together again to produce what they nicknamed “Frankenstorm”!

Sure hope this storm wasn’t an indication of what the winter might be like!

The video below was taken during the height of the storm. Although it does not depict the worst of it, it may give you a good idea why we are so nervous about the trees that surround us.


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