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IMAG0010.jpg Even though Alvin is more than ready to get on the road and away from the snow, we have encountered another delay for our planned journey south.  As mentioned in our post of December 30th, Rob’s Mom was scheduled to have surgery on January 17th to remove a cancerous growth.  Our plan was to be here for the surgery and then leave on January 20th. So for the past week or so, we have been busy loading up the motor home getting her ready for our departure.  But unfortunately it’s not meant to be!

As part of her pre-admission testing, she had to undergo a lung capacity test. Unfortunately the “test” served to further degrade her lung capacity enough so that by the next morning, Thursday, January 10th, she had to be transported by rescue and admitted to Kent hospital in Warwick, RI.  Although her condition has improved slightly since then, as of today, she is still not breathing well enough to be weaned off full time oxygen and related medications. Due to this setback, her planned surgery for the 17th has been cancelled indefinitely until she regains her strength and can breathe on her own. Meanwhile the pain from the cancer site continues to be debilitating. Not a pleasant situation.

Although Rob’s Mom an Dad both insisted that we go ahead with our plan to leave on the 20th and his two brothers from Albany and Chicago have offered to stand in for us, we have decided that we still want to be here and will wait it out. Are we disappointed?  Sure, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t.  But we still feel that it wouldn’t be any fun being away and worried constantly – family is way more important than any trip.  Besides it is most likely just a temporary delay – we’re still hoping that we’ll be able to leave by mid-February and at least spend part of the winter basking in the land of warm temperatures, palm trees and pelicans. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

So today we undid everything we did last week – cancelled our mail forwarding, reinstated our trash pick up, cancelled out appointment for scheduled maintenance at Freightliner in Gaffney, SC and cancelled our Ft. Wilderness Disney World reservation. The only reservation that we haven’t cancelled yet is the one we have mid-March at Gulf State Park in AL.

So what will we do while we are on hold?  Read a good book, watch a few movies – not hardly! We’ve already shifted gears and are getting back into home improvement mode again!  So tomorrow we’ll end the withdrawal symptoms we have been experiencing and off we will go to Home Depot to buy supplies needed for the upstairs bathroom project.  House-For-Sale.jpgA couple of new doors which I will stain and Rob will install, as well as a few gallons of paint so I can paint the upstairs bedroom. Oh joy, more painting! Hopefully Rob will even get some or all of the tile work done too. Maybe the long running bathroom remodel project will be almost done by the time we leave.  At least it will be that much less to do when we return in the spring!  Maybe we’ll get this house up for sale yet!


Another Delay — 2 Comments

  1. Oh dear. I know you are disappointed, but as you said family is far more important than a trip. Our best wishes for a good recovery for Rob’s Mother. I’m sure that with you and Rob at her side she will recovery quickly. Take care of yourselves also.

  2. Sorry to hear about Rob’s parents. Hope his mom gets better soon so she can have her surgery. Rob, we went with your advice & got an iPad as our Christmas gift. It’s amazing how it interacts with my iPhone. Tks so much for the advice. Also, some good news from the Sanderson household. We sold our house on Christmas Eve. A good contract w/o contingencies or special conditions. So far all the inspections have been done except for the survey. Closing s/b Jan 31. Then we will truly b living “The Simple Life”. We’re so excited about this next stage n our life. We’re hoping to make a trip to Alaska this yr. I’ll pray for Rob’s mom. Take care, Leta

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